Rejoin yarn...?

I started knitting a ruffled neck scarf pattern, got through the ruffle with the stitch holder :yay: worked in Garter st patt until work measures 24’’, I have 22 stitches on needle, now it says OPENINGS -1. K7 sts, turn work to the other side, cont working these 7 sts in Garter st patter for 3’’.
2. Rejoin yarn, K next 8 sts, turn work to the other side, cont in garter st patt for 3".
3. Rejoin yarn, K next 7 sts, turn work to the other side, cont in Garter st patt for 3’’.
I know that this will create an opening, my question is:
I did #1 for 3 inches. When I go to knit the next 8 stitches, turn the work to the other side, I knit just those 8 but it looks wrong, like I missed a stitch because yarn does not look like it rejoined. DO I have to pick up the 7th stitch to join??? I have tried to knit this from a sample all weekend before I attempt to do it on the scarf and I’m getting the same results. Any input will be so much appreciated. THANKS!!!:knitting:

Rejoin just means pick up a new strand of yarn to knit with. To make opening like this, you can’t really use one continuous strand of yarn.

you will no be using the same piece of yarn as you used in step 1. Cut that yarn and then re-attach it to knit the next 8, then cut it and reattach to knit the next 7.
to re-attach the easiest and simplest way is to just start knitting with it as if it wher already attached.

Thank you Sue and Sophie, that is why I get that piece of yarn in the middle of the opening. So everytime I see “rejoin yarn” I need to cut the yarn and start with a new piece. Dah! I can’t tell you how many times I have been doing this sample. OBSESSED! Now I can go on with my life. :hug:

:cheering:Consider yourself very smart for experimenting on a sample and learning the technique before tackling the real thing. If everybody did that there would be a lot less confusion and frogging.