Rejoin yarn help


I read through the other threads on rejoining yarn, but I still don’t get it! So here are the pattern directions for a hoodie that I’m trying to figure out:

The front is divided into two sections, and on the left are 60 stitches on a holder. On the right I’ve knitted to a specific length and then binded off with another set of stitches on a holder. So now, to work on the left it says, “With RS of garment facing you, rejoin yarn and K across 31 stitches (from that original 60).” So what does rejoin yarn mean?

I appreciate any help on this!

What they mean is just start knitting with the yarn and continue with that shoulder. You will have a tail of yarn that you will weave in later.

BTW… Be CAREFUL that you knit with the working yarn and not the tail after that first stitch. I’ve done that more times than I care to remember. :doh:

Thanks for replying, Jan! But just to double check… so I’m cutting the yarn and just knitting with it on the other side? (Sorry so slow to follow…)

Cutting the yarn? Do you mean from the bound off shoulder? If so then yes that would be the way to do it. If you mean something else ask again. :wink: