Reinventing an old sweater

I found an old knit sweater and I would like to add a zipper to the front of it, BUT I have no idea where to start and I only have basic knitting and sewing skills could someone please help me?

Measure the fronts from the neck line down to the bottom of the ribbing or the hem if ribbing is not used. Then purchase a seperating zipper that is the length of the front measurement. Seperate the zipper into the two tapes. Now baste the zipper tape with out the zipper pull onto the left side front. Handsew with matching color thread. Then repeat with the other tape . You can line the tape up just inside the front so that the outer edge just meets in the middle when the zipper is zipped. I hope this helps you.

Is it a cardigan? Or a pullover where you’d need to cut the front into two?

Assuming it’s already a cardi…

If you can’t find the exact length zipper needed, buy one that is longer and put the excess at the top. With thread, sew new stops and trim off all but about 1-1 1/2". Depending on the upper edge you’ll need to fold the excess back or you can trim (sometimes using pinking sheers or zigzag st) to finish off upper edge of zipper.

Make sure when placing zipper that the sweater fronts aren’t stretched or compressed. You don’t want the zipper causing stretching or a waved edge.

If it’s a pullover, needing the fronts cut, that’s a diff issue.


If it is a pullover type then you need to split the front which can be fun!

locate he centre line and mark it either by drawing on it or weaving some thread up it. then count a few stitches either side of the centre line and mark these verticles.take your sewing machine and sew a straight up these two outer verticles. a zig zag stitch is a good choice. if you want to be extra secure, go back in the opposite direction.
Now take a pair of sharp scisors and cut right up centre line. From there, follow the basic instructions the others have given to insert a zip.