Reinforcing heels

I’ve been reading a bit about reinforcing heels and toes on socks, and one reference I found advised to knit the thread that came along with some type of sock yarns to reinforce toes and heels. Since I’ve never seen thread with sock yarn, I was wondering what you all do. Just double up the yarn for heelsand toes? Sewing thread? Thanks for sharing! :heart:

Don’t double up the yarn, it will make the heel too bulky and uncomfortable in your shoes. You can go pick up some nylon thread at a craft store, or check your LYS for reinforcing thread. Just knit it with your sock yarn holding the two strands together.

Another option is to knit the heel flap using a K1, S1 pattern. It bulks up the heel just a bit so that it’s sturdier, but you don’t have to use a separate strand. Check out my sock knitting tutorial for this technique.