I have held off finishing a pair of socks for one reason. I need to reinforce the ball area of the foot. My son for who the socks are intended wears out that area and not the toe area. Since I have both socks on cirs and am knitting the same area for each sock. My question is: " Is there a way of reinforcing the area I want with reinforcing thread without carrying it around to the front of the sock?" I don’t want to spend long period of time weaving in the thread when I can just knit it in. After I do the bottom of the foot area then go across the front of the foot , the thread for reinforcement is on the other side of the sock and opposite the working yarn. Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong? Are you suppose to reinforce the front of the sock so the thread is on the same side as the working yarn? :???::wall::help:

there is no way to get the thread to the other side without cutting it.
You can knit the bottom and drop the thread and cut it, knit over the top and pick up the reinforcement thread when you get to the bottom again and repeat. this will cause an enormous amount of sewing in. or…
You could use 2 separate strands of reinforcement thread, start them on opposite sides and pick up the appropriate thread when you get to that side. less sewing in but it will be more obvious.

but if you dont want to go thro all that, you will have to knit it along with the sock yarn all the way around the sock. its not really all that obvious, and more “supportive” and sturdy. i use reinforcement thread in that same area too, but i take it all the way to the toe. Just add it at whatever point and finish the sock. its very neat, and feels great on the feet. :woot: (my job requires alot of walking and doing my socks this way really makes a difference) Ive even done a pair of my daughters socks this way and she wears them everytime she has a track meet.
good luck:thumbsup:

Thank you as I think all around will be the solution! I know some people weave it in and I think it is time consuming… All my sons seem to wear out the heels and the balls of the feet area and not so much the toes.:cheering:

There might be a way to do this by actually working flat – i.e., in rows – but wrapping the first and last stitches of each row to maintain the round construction. It’s a method used by colorwork knitters who don’t want to carry an unused thread all the way around a sock or garment knitted in the round. However, it will leave a seam or line on one side of the sock. And while this seam is nearly invisible to the naked eye, it may not FEEL invisible to the naked foot!

You can find more detailed directions on the internet, but here’s how it works:

  • Work to the end of your round.
  • Wrap the first stitch of the next round and return it to the left needle.
  • Turn your work so you are working the wrongside, back over the stitches you just worked.
  • Work the wrong side all the way around to the stitch you just wrapped and work it.
  • Wrap the next stitch (first stitch of the previous row) and return it to the left needle.
  • Turn your work so you are working the rightside again.
  • Work the right side all the way around to the stitch you just wrapped and work it
  • Wrap the next stitch and return it to the left needle.
  • Turn your work.

Continue working rightside/wrongside and wrapping the stitches as described until you have completed the section in question, then return to working the sock in the round. Using this method, you could work your reinforcement into just the sole of your sock by picking up and dropping the reinforcement yarn when you reach each side of the foot.

I’m not sure my instructions are very clear, but it should give you a rough idea of what I’m trying convey. Good Luck!

Your instructions are very clear but the bump on the ball area of the foot could be a problem like walking on small stones. I like the idea of not carrying yarn. Can you tell me what to look at for the information you found? I have been looking at a sweater with lots of color and carrying doesn’t seem to be the way I want to go. This is a future project in the making. Thank you very much for the information!!!

It took me awhile, but I finally found it! Here is a link:

Hope this helps! Good Luck!:thumbsup:

MY thank you is above! I have to say the article and the links within it will take some time to digest. I will have to try a practice run so I don’t mess up the socks. THANK YOU!

What type of yarn do you use for reinforcement ?

If you work the section from side to side – i.e., wrapping and turning your work at the SIDE of the foot rather than the back/sole – then the bumps would be on the side and not the bottom of the foot. I’m still not sure how they would feel, rubbing against the side of the shoe, but at least the wearer wouldn’t be standing on them.

Kindermen: You can simply use double yarn in the section(s) to be reinforced or you can get a special nylon reinforcement thread that you can get in white or black (maybe other colors… I’m not sure) to carry with your yarn. Search online for Reinforcement Thread or maybe someone here can provide a link.