Reinforcement yarn

I am making a pair of wonderful navy socks and need reinforcement yarn for the heels and toes. Does anyone know where I can buy these little cards?

I don’t know about the cards, but when I need reinforcement I use Wooly Nylon. It’s used mostly for serging, but lots of socknitters use it for heel and toe reinforcement. It can be found at most sewing/fabric stores like Hancock Fabrics and Joanns.

What sock yarn are you using?? I was just chatting with a wonderful lady in our LYS and she said that if a sock yarn contains nylon, there is no need to use reinforcement thread. She said that she has some socks that she made 7 years ago that she still wears and haven’t worn out. Of course if you’re using something without nylon, definitely look for the thread.

I’m using Koigu and it’s a solid so I’ll need a pretty close match.

Somewhere along the line (I don’t know where these things come from; just pop out of the corners of my brain), I read that it didn’t really matter if the wooly nylon matches because it’s thin and doesn’t show. My Joann’s carries it but in limited colors. I’ve also seen it at my LYS on small cards.

I’m on my way over to my LYS. I’ll post the brand name for you when I get back. I’m certain you can get some online.

There are also 2 schools of thought when it comes to reinforcing the heel and toe…some socknitters swear by it, whereas others say that the nylon may wear a hole in the yarn! :shrug: As for me, I’ve done both, and, to tell you the truth, I’ve not had a problem with socks that I have reinforced nor those that I haven’t reinforced. Mind you, I’ve only been knitting for 2 years, but I can say that they have all held up thus far!

I like to buy grey. It blends in with almost every color I have knitted.
My DH loves his heals and toes thicker.

Rebecca, are any of your non-reinforced socks made of pure wool? There are so many pretty sock yarns that don’t contain nylon, but I’ve been hesitant to buy any because I’m afraid they’ll wear out.

OH, yes, I have several pair of 100% wool socks, love them! I simply hand wash them and let them air dry and they are fine. They look just as nice as the other socks.

question…do u just knit it with the yarn your using? at the same time?