Reid: a complete FO this time

The last time I posted pics of Reid, it was unblocked and without a button. So, I thought I’d mention that I posted new pics on my blog. Here’s a direct link: :wink:

It looks great Jackie!!! It makes me think of neopolitain ice cream!!!

:smiley: Too cute :thumbsup:

that is gorgeous! Yep Neopolitan Ice Cream =D Yummy!

It looks fantastic! :cheering:

very cute. both on and off the little one!

oooo your Marie looks great–kind of like Pebbles!!! :inlove: Love that yarn too!

Very nice! I love it!

Thanks guys! :heart:

Hildie, now I’ll have to start calling Marie Pebbles! We call her Curlylocks and Pookie. After seeing some of my own baby pics, I realized that she definitely will have my curly hair. :rofling:

Very cute! Your daughter is one well-dressed chica with all the gorgeous things her momma’s making her.