Regular needles instead of circular needles?

I’m just learning how to knit and am wanting to make a hat with ear flaps for my husband’s Christmas present. All the patterns I’ve seen online use circular needles. I just learned with regular needles, and would 1)rather not learn something more new right now and 2)don’t have much money and don’t want to buy new needles. Is it possible to use regular needles? How would I convert the pattern? Thanks so much for any help I can get…ASAP (I’m running out of time! :)).

There are quite a few knits which are knit flat and then seamed but im not certain i have seen one with ear flaps. You could always make a plain hat and then pick up stitches on each side to add ear flaps, but im not certasin the shaping would be right.
HAve a look here: it is a directory of free knitting patterns on the net and might well include a flat-knit, ear-flap hat.

Circulars don’t take any more learning, actually they take less because you never turn when making the tube.

If you really wanted to you could do a form of double knitting where you work one stitch, slip the next stitch, then when you get to the end you turn and work the stitches you slipped last time and slip the ones you worked.
But that does take some learning.

Or you could rewrite the pattern so it’s seamed but then you have to learn how to rewrite the pattern and how to seam.

[B]1–[/B]Look again, there are many patterns for hats knit flat (some designers like Nicky Epstein almost never knit in the round!)

[B]2–[/B]Knitting is knitting, and you’ll soon learn that the main difference between knitting with straight needles (vs circular or dpn) is the needles, not the knitting.

[B]3–[/B]consider a set of interchangeable needles
these can be used as flexible straights, or as circ, or even as stitch holders.

and as for which set to buy? it doesn’t matter! every set has its lovers, and most sets can be resold for almost as much as you paid for them. (so if you find you don’t like the denise’s, sell them and buy a boye set, don’t like those? try a harmony set… don’t like those? try a crystal palace bamboo set…
there are several brands/styles…(price ranges!) for sets.

You’ll recover about 90% of the cost–(think of the 10% as a rental fee!) if you resell them–

NO matter which set you buy --all interchangeable sets are cheaper than buying needles individually–and represent a good value.

[B]4–[/B]there are several tutorials for changing in the round pattens into knit flat patterns
[B]Basic rules?[/B]
[I]add 2 stitches[/I] (selvage) for the seam
and[I] use patterns that have “Knit every stitch on alternate rows” designs[/I].
–to knit flat, the alternate rows become “purl every stitch, alternate rows”

I have this pattern in my bookmarks from when I was looking for patterns not stitched on circulars. Not sure if it’s too girly… maybe take off the pom pom and use a darker colour?