Reglan arm holes

I am doing reglan armholes and the directions say k1, sl1, psso, work in pattern to the end, k2

p2, work in pattern to last 2, p2

is the p2, p2 stitches together or just purl two in a row?

Should just be purl 2 in a row. Looks like those 2 purl stitches should be worked over the last 2 knit stitches in the row before. (Assuming this is knit flat, of course)

well,it is flat now but it will be a sleeve. the normal pattern though is a double moss stitch, k1,p2 for 2 rows. so originally I was purling 2 together but I stopped since I wasn’t quite sure this was correct. The row before does have a decrease on both ends (k1, sl1 psso - at end k2tog.) I have a feeling you are right though and I am going to have to go back about 4 rows to fix it.

ok, a knititng friend of mine tells me she things it is purl2 and not purl 2 in a row. so now I am just sure again.

Do you have a scetch for the pattern? In almost all raglan patterns (VERY few exceptions) the sleves become smaller at the top on BOTH sides.
Not alway you can be sure that they get smaller at the same rate on both sides, but I have never (in knitting OR sewing) seen raglan sleeves that are NOT at all tapered at both sides…

what I want to say: you will have to decrease on both sides of the (upper part) of the sleeve. So if there are no other ways of decrease given, you may well have to purl 2 together. Even though it reads funky for that.