Register to Win the Knitting Help App!

As part of our [B]2012 New Year’s Eve Party[/B], our website founders, Sheldon and Amy Finlay, have offered a wonderful prize!

[CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR=red][B]The Knitting Help App for iDevices![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering: [/CENTER]

[I][B]Those who enter to win should already have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. [/B][/I]
[I][B]The app only works on the iDevices. [/B][/I]
[I](Sorry - No android version)[/I]

Here’s a link about the Knitting Help App:

[B][COLOR=blue]If you would like to register for the prize, just post a reply to this discussion [U]before 11:30 PM[/U] (Eastern Standard Time in North America) on [U]Saturday, December 31st, 2011[/U].[/COLOR][/B]

There will be TWO winners of this prize. One at midnight Eastern Standard Time, and the other at midnight Central Time.

:thumbsup: Good luck! Crossed Fingers

Please enter me to win the Knitting Help App. I would love it!

Please enter me! I can’t get enough Knitting Help!

I’d love to win this!

As a voluntairely knitting-teacher I would love to win The Knitting Help App. It would be fantastic to show my students video’s on my iPhone to help them to learn knitting and increase their knitting skills.

I would love this on my iphone!!

Please enter me in the drawings!

Pick me! Would love to have this app

A knitting APP, how cool. Please enter me to win.

please register me to win this app…I would love having it. Thanks.

Enter me too! Looks like a great app.

Please enter me in the drawing. I’ve got this app on my wishlist, but winning it would be even better! :inlove:

Oh yeah! I would love to win the app for my iPhone!
Count me in!

I would love to win this ap! I am always in need of help with my knitting and I use my ipod to count rows already. This would be a huge win-win for me! :muah:

Please register me for the knitting app. Thanks so much. Love your site!!!

Please register me for the iPhone app, God knows I could use all the help I can get! :wink:

I would love to win this App for my ipad!

I’d love to win. I definitely need all the knitting help I can get :slight_smile:

Count me in! I’d love to win the app. :woot:

Definately something I need!