Regia Yarn for 1st time sock knitter?

A friend recommended this yarn to me. I am following Silver’s Tutorial(THANK YOU!!), and I am having more problems with this thin yarn. For my first pair of socks, do you think I should try something different?? TIA!!

What kind of problems are you having? I’m no expert and not familiar with that yarn. I am only on my second pair but I used SIlver’s tutorial and size 1 dpn’s with Tufutsies yarn for my first pair.
I had to reknit heel flap and gusset a couple of times on that first sock before I got it but I also got a lot’s of help and encouragement from the super sock knitters over at the Any Sock KAL.

Why don’t you come join us. I’m sure someone would be able to talk you through it.

I’m getting addicted to socks!! It’s so satisfying and sock yarn is irresistable. :woot:

I had the same problem for my first pair of socks and actually went with a little bulkier pattern and made a pair of socks for my hubby’s size 12’s using size 5 needles. I needed to be able to see and count the stitches easier.

I used Regia too for my first pair of socks and yes it was a bit painful at the beginning :teehee: I wasn’t very good with dpns at the time either so it made the whole experience a bit frustrating!

It went better though with practice and the second sock was done in no time! But there’s no shame changing to bulkier yarn if you think it would be easier. Good luck! :waving:

Thanks for your help. I am using 3 DPN. My biggest problem is the yarn is so thin. If I have to take a stitch out, it is nearly impossible, and hard to see the stitches. I am going to WalMart tommorrow, I will see what yarn they have.

I used the regia and size 2 dpn for my first pair of socks three months ago. I just took my time and had no problems.
Good luck with yarn from Wal Mart, ours has nothing to speak of.

Ours has quite alot of yarn. If they don’t have something a little thicker that I like, I will start this pair over with the Regia. One thing I am doing is between needles I am not pulling the thread tight enough, and it is leaving gaps!

Hi Lori

Stick with it…Its a great yarn and although fine it looks lovely when knitted up. Thicker yarn is nice but give me the finer ones any day!!

Definitely do a sock using worsted weight yarn for the first try. Its hard enough getting your mind wrapped around doing a sock, never mind using very thin yarn. Once you’ve done the first pair you’ll be ready to go. I think Silver even recommends worsted, at least she does for the toe up.

I used plain ole red heart worsted acryllic (and Silver’s tutorial) for my first “practice” pair. I used them around the house when hubby has the a/c set to zero.

Ok, I just started knitting in Dec. Please tell me what a worsted weight yarn is??

Hi Lori! I just started in December, too!! This chart helped me tremendously! Someone here gave me the link - now I’m passing it on to you, “grasshoppa”!

Worsted is one of several “weights of yarn”.
It is thicker than sock yarn. A chart of weights is here. You may find it helpful.

As for the weight you use… I did my first sock using worsted weight yarn. I never made a mate for it. For socks I use sock yarn exclusively. If I use heavier yarns I can feel the purl bumps on the bottoms of my feet when I walk. Since there is zero chance of me wearing socks that hurt my feet, I no longer use heavier yarns for socks.

I have done several pairs by now and have always found the first 1 1/2 inches of every sock to be rather uncomfortable. The other needles are in the way and the yarn doesn’t behave properly but after 2 inches we have a good working relationship and usually a sock appears in short order.

Regardign the gaps or ladders you get between the needles…

Try this: When you get to the end of the needle, knit one stitch from the beginning of the next needle on with the stitches you just did. Do this every time you get to the end of a needle. You will end up with the same number of stitches on the needles but it rotates the gap every row.

If you do this the gaps will spred themselves out and either disappear altogether or be much less noticable.

I say sit down with a good movie and just knit. ( I find Bridget Jones is VERY conducive to knitting) Before the movie is half over you will bepast the first 2" of sock cuff and it will get much more comfortable.


I printed this thread off, and whether I get different yarn or not, all of your tips were the best!! Thank You!!

Walmart did have yuck yarn, so I will start this over with my Regia thread, and use all of your great tips! I know I can do this!!

You certainly can do this!!!

Just remember… even if it feels awkward, try to continue past 2 inches. It helps really!