Regia Sock Yarn @ $6.80 per ball

Was looking through some old links and found that Knit Happens Still has plenty of Regia sock yarn on sale at $6.80 per ball. :oo:

Thought I’d pass along the info. :slight_smile: :cheering: I didn’t bring my credit card to work so I’m safe.

i’m curious why they don’t have a search option to exclude yarns that are sold out? everytime i check out thier site, it’s sold out (cascade 220, naturewool, KPPPM, noro…)

I don’t think they have restocked the online store since the BIG SALE but there is some stuff left over. Most everything is sold out except the novelty stuffs and a gem or 2 I won’t be encouraging anyone else to buy until AFTER payday when I have gone shopping!!!

:lol: yeah … i found one i’d like to buy. gotta check my balance first though :mrgreen: