Regia Sock Pattern

Is anyone familiar with the Regia Design Line pattern for socks? The pattern tells you how to do a new heal that I have read and heard from other knitters who know knitters-once you get it figured out-you’ll never knit heals the old way again. The pattern uses a double stitch which is not the problem (not yet any way). I have found an online tutorial that shows you how to do it and it looks relatively easy. The problem is getting started. The first thing it tells you to do (at the heal part) is to divide heal stitches evenly across 3 needles then knit across all stitches including the last stitch on the first needle. Unfortunately, when you divide your needles evenly across 3 needles, your working yarn is now on the middle needle (the new needle). So if you knit across, you don’t even get to needle 1. So my options are to cut the working yarn and start it at the beginning of needle 1 or knit where the working yarn is (in the middle) to needle 4 then start the double stitch pattern directions which will not be even but probably won’t make any difference for fit or appearance. But I am sure that people who have gotten this pattern ARE NOT doing my two options. Any one with any ideas please advise-it would be much appreciated!



I haven’t done this pattern but I’ve knit lots of socks. Just knit to where you need to start the heel and then begin. They have left that part out of several patterns I have used. There are several kinds of heel types and I think I know the type you are using. it’s nice and smooth, very pretty.

Good luck!

Is the pattern available on line, or even a pic of the sock? I’d like to see what kind of heel you’re talking about.

I agree with Hartly - knit over to where you want the yarn to be.

I am wondering if it isn’t a peasent heal…sounds like it to me…

It is where you knit your sock around the heal, and plunk one in after the sock is done…

Thanks for everyone’s responses. It has given me some ways to work this out. One website I found that shows how to do these short rows and has a good picture of the heel can be found here:

As far as the Regia pattern goes, I would love to pass it on but I need some reassurance I can do that online as I did have to pay for the pattern and I don’t know what that means as far as copy right infringements. If any one knows the rules on that-please share as I would like to also. Again, thanks for responding!

Oh, no - if you bought it, your right, you can’t make copies to pass on or post it in any detail here.

But thanks for posting the site with the heel - I see it’s a short row heel.