Regia sock pattern

i am new to this forum and just bought 2 skeins of Regia sock yarn. Could someone point me to an easy sock pattern for this yarn?

:happydance: Welcome to KH!!
Silver’s sock class is a great way to get started on socks…:thumbsup:

I went to this link… and wow. it seems so… overwhelming… but I have bookmarked it!
I like this above site when I’m looking to use a specific weight yarn or size needle. Patterns are organized into categories.
Also has a nice basic ribbed sock pattern I’ve made. Fairly easy. Good luck.:knitting:

Dorrett Conway has an excellent video class on YouTube. I watched these over and over and used many of her “short works” to practice steps in making the sock, heel slap, turning the heel, working the gusset and the kitchner stitch for the toe.

I would watch videos first, and then begin working a sock pattern. That way you know what the patterns means.

I checked out the silver sock tutorial. Think I’m going to stop on my way home today and pick up some sock yarn and DPNs. Wish me luck!