Regarding Mark's kal Socks

My mom was doing the kal for Mark’s Sock Boot Camp. She finished hers two nights ago and my brother is proudly wearing his knitted socks. I’ll ask if he can take a picture and send it to me (I’m long distance from them). Has anyone else finished them? I just started mine last night. I have 5 rows right now :lol:

I finally got mine started, but they are slooowww going. thanks again for your help, beldie.

I FINISHED MY FIRST SOCK!!! :happydance:

It was actually supposed to be for my husband, but was too small, so I made it for myself instead. Will post a picture of it later. Past my bedtime, of course.

:happydance: GO BELDIE! :happydance: GO BELDIE! :happydance:

KUDOS beldie…I know that u r excited :notworthy: :notworthy: I’m excited for u bc I remember the feeling…ahhhh…the 1st sock completion…a serene feeling that no one can take away from u…cherish it!! :heart: :heart: :inlove: :inlove:
We want to see pics, my friend!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: YAY for u!!
Have a great weekend.
:XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

Hey, great job beldie!!! WTG!

A humble picture of my sock…

That sock looks great :smiley: . I am starting on my first sock, although not using Mark’s method - I have a different pattern entirely. While I was starting to make progress, I still was not happy with how the “joins” were turning out. Then I read Mark’s description of at the end of each needle to k2p2 off the next needle using the needle you just filled, BEFORE moving on and doing the rest of the needle with your vacant needle - it totally works by rotating stitches that can come out loosely at the joins, and dispersing them evenly around the sock. I am so thrilled!!! This makes my life a whole lot easier. I am going to frog the sock that I started and use this method instead.


yay beld! i see you did not use the mark-suggested yarn. tsk tsk :fingerwag:

[size=6][color=red]:mad: WHITE! YOU WILL USE WHITE YARN AND NO OTHER, SOCK MAGGOT!!! :mad:[/color][/size]

Well it has white in it. Who said I was good at following the rules anyway? :?