Regal silk yarn by artyarns Q

silk yarn here
i was thinking of making a cashmere baby blanket with a silk yarn seed stitch border, probably a 2-4" border on a 40X40 blanket. how many skiens would you recommend? i think 3…maybe 4? :shrug: TIA

p.s. anyone use this yarn before? have a nicer solution? btw-the mexico color isnt my first choice :teehee: the sky bluegrass or cloud…something boy/girl nuetral. :heart:

I have never used it before BUT since its silk is there going to be a problem with washing/drying it…
BTW: the colorways are WONDERFUL~! :inlove:

If the yarn is hand wash only, it may never get used. No new mom has time or inclination to wash baby things by hand.


:teehee: the blanket will be for me…we are going to try for baby #2 when #1 is 2.5 :eyebrow: i wanted to knit up a lovely nuetral layette. i am a slow knitter, so i figured the sooner i start the better! :rofl: i dont mind handwashing a few things, just not everything :out:

I have no idea but I would LOVE to make something out of that yarn. Sooooo pretty. I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on yarn when I still don’t feel my skills are quite up to it yet.