Reeeeally,really dumb question(sorry)

[COLOR=“Magenta”]I do apologize. I have read the questions for newbies,and some books,but can’t find my question there,(which only makes me feel worse).
HOW,do I get the beginning start of the yarn to come out of the skein? I keep pulling and pulling and where is the start? am I missing something here?(must be):tap:[/COLOR]I was already to start casting on,which I think I can do,and I can’t even get the yarn started…:shrug:Help~and thank you.

Some skeins are easy to find the end, others are more difficult. Just keep pokin’ around till you find it - try to put your finger in as close to the middle as you can.

What brand/type of yarn is it?

This is NOT a dumb question…it has been an ongoing problem for all of us. Try putting your finger into the middle from both ends and roll them around together. SOMETIMES you can find the end that way. Good luck and don’t ever worry about asking on this board!

No such thing as a dumb question; only questions to which you don’t YET have the answer. Everybody on this forum is fantastic about providing those answers.

I always have trouble finding the end of the yarn in the middle too. I usually try to stretch the opening a bit, then grab a little yarn inside and pull it all out. It usually comes out really neat and actually looks like a mini skein inside the skein. Then I can find the end alot easier. Sorry if that makes no sense, kind of hard to explain

I do the same thing! I can count on one finger how many times I have gotten then end on the first try:teehee: I almost didn’t want to use the skein because it was wound so neatly. Only when I wind a center pull ball from a hank do I have luck with that beginning end:shrug:
I agree, it just takes luck and patience. Sometimes you just have to grab the guts and go from there.

i do it one of two ways. take the yarn from the outside first instead of working from the inside, or i re-wind into a cake.

:cheering:I already love you guys(gals). And here i thought I was beginning knitting to get into my ‘om’ medatative- zone,and release stress…HA!:gah: In the middle of my REMS last night I though ‘look further into the middle of the skein’…so today after reading your sugg. I did just that. Massive amounts of very messy clumps of yarn came out…without any ends or beginnings…the yarn is NATURE SPUN FROM BROWN SHEEP CO. IN NEBRASKA/WOOL…not THAT cheap at $6.20 per.somehow I figured that would make a difference. Oh well…whaaareyougonado. I will cheer up,I promise…nobody needs to meet a new grump. Thanks too for all the ‘no stupid questions’:???:…I must remember to remember that when I aquire more knitting intelligence…and am able to help others. Nice to meet you all…love the pet pics too! I’m from Washington state…and this project that I was going to (at least)get the casting on today…will eventually be a knit bag,that is shrunk down…called??? can’t remember…‘felting’?
Next question…since I am going to be knitting two strands of yarn, do I cast on double yarns?Take care,and thanks for being here.

Welcome aboard!
When you hold two yarns together, you don’t cast on twice as much. Remember to treat the double yarn together as one stitch on the needle. If you knit both strands, you’ll have troubles…make sense?:shrug::thumbsup:

thanks jodi…but what i’m not sure of is …do i use one strand to cast on and then start knitting with the 2 strands…
or do i cast on with 2 strands,and knit with 2 strands?:whoosh:

You cast on with two and knit as if the two strands are one. Usually I pull from two skeins. Some will use the inside end and the outside…but I have gotten hopelessly tangled that way because the ball tosses around too much, even if I put it in a bag.
…make better sense? :shrug:

I think I have it now…as far as casting on 2…and then knitting two.
I agree with using two skeins…that’s what I did several yrs.ago when I knitted a scarf…
Now, the challenge is to get two balls that will give me a beginning strand…:doh:

That is probably the single biggest challenge! :teehee:

Of course, another thing you can do, is reroll the skein into two new balls, but it’s up to you on how you want to do it.

If the project takes more than one skein anyway, just use 2 different ones.

[COLOR=“Magenta”]WHAT a hassle to get going here…my DH got upset w/me because I was getting so upset (ticked off) with the yarn…I was saying ‘hello’ this is supposed to help me relax,and I’m already chomping at the bit’…HOWever, today…thank Gaud…I was able to go to a knitting store,where I purchased the yarn,and actually get the thing unmessed up. The owner actually rewound the yard for me oh a spool thing…and everyone kinna forgave me for being/feeling so dumb. I have actually knitted a row…and I have several people to thank for that…you all amoungst them. I will be back to learn more,and continue on with you all. Thanks abunch~Wholycow:???:[/COLOR]