Redye Yarn Question

I recently ordered yarn and when it arrived the colors were not at all what I was thinking they were or what they looked like on the website. I see in another thread there is a question to redying wool, and that it can be done. Do you have to do something special to it to prepare it to take the new dye? It’s a variegated yarn, but the colors are awful looking and I need to something to make the colors look better.

The other question I have is is the acrylic yarn I bought is this bright hot pink color - way too bright for my taste. Is there anyway I can tone down the color?

Unfortunately this was sale yarn and is not returnable and I can’t exchange the color.

If the yarn is either wool, cotton, or another animal or plant fiber, then yes it can be overdyed. You don’t have to do anything special other than presoak the yarn so the dye penetrates. Make sure you use the right dye for the yarn: acid dye for wool and other animal fiber, fiber reactive dye for cotton and other plant fiber. Koolaid can be used to dye wool and animal fiber only, and will not work on cotton or any other non animal fiber (edit: forgot to add that nylon is the only exception, it can be dyed with koolaid and acid dyes). Dyes are transparent so whatever color you choose it will “mix” with the pre-existing color, so a if you took a yellow yarn and overdyed it with blue, it’ll turn out green.

I’m sorry but acrylic yarn would need basic dye which is too dangerous for home dyeing, wool dye or koolaid won’t work on it. If the yarn has any nylon or wool content however, the yarn can be dyed with only the wool or nylon in the yarn taking up the dye.