Reduce just on RS row or RS & WS row?

I just found this forum online. Thank you for existing! I live in rural central Oregon and if I have questions its usually a long trek into town, to my favorite knitting store.

I am making a pull over sweater and am at the point of making the front neck. One part of the directions has me a bit confused. See the directions as written below. Its the "bind off 4 st once (I get this,see my comments in italics) and then
bo 2 st twice is where my confusion starts. Does this mean bind off on a RS and a WS row?

Thank you so much!

Shape neck: just finished a ws row.
Place center 15 sts on holder.
Working both sides at the same time, from each Neck edge
Bind off 4 st once, <<<this would be a RS row
2st twice, <<<<???this would be 1x on a ws row and 1x on a RS row???
Then dec 1 st every RS row twice to 15 st <<<<<<<<I understand this

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You can only bind off at the beginning of a row. That means that the bind offs on the right side of the neck (as you would wear the sweater) will be on the RS row and the bind offs for the left side of the neck will be on the WS row. This applies to both the bind off of 4 sts and the bind off of 2 sts.
What pattern are you following? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

Vivacious Hi-Lo Pullover, e-Pattern

I’ll attach a scan of the directions next.


Very nice pullover.
Do the bind offs as noted in my last post and the decreases on the RS rows and you’ll be fine.
Please delete the scan of the pattern. We get into copyright problems when whole or substantial parts of patterns are reprinted here

Scan deleted. Thanks.

You gave me the key, THANKS! ie: “You can only bind-off at the beginning of a row.”

That’s the detail I was missing. :grinning: