Reding pattern

I’ve advanced from the basic stuff… a wrist warmer pattern… I 've gotten through the first indications… cast on 56 sts onto 3 dpn, join, , then five rounds of k1/p1…
I’m not sure what to do with the next indication.
It reads
Next Rnd: K34, [k1-f/b] twice, [k5, (k1-f/b) twice] twice, knit to end - 62 sts.
so… I think it means knit 34 stitches forward and back side of each stitch, doubling the number of stitches, but from there I’m lost. Does twice mean 34 twice and what about the next k5 twice, and twice again. Ok experts, please interpret this foriegn language.
Thank you.

K 34, K1F/B, K1F/B, K5, K1F/B, K1F/B, K5, K1F/B, K1F/B knit to end.

What debinoz said. :slight_smile: The twice only applies to what’s immediately before it, and they bracket it off. So:

[k1-f/b] twice

the “twice” applies to what’s in brackets – k1-f/b – and nothing else. For the second bit:

[k5, (k1-f/b) twice] twice

the first twice applies to what’s in parentheses – so the brackets open out to [k5, k1-f/b, k1-f/b] – and then the second twice applies to the brackets.

Thank you for your speedy reply.

Thank you. Very helpful and amazingly quick response.