Redheart Pattern Trouble

Divide for Slits

Keeping continuity of patterns, work across first 29 sts;
drop yarn and attach 2nd skein of yarn, work across next
17 sts with 2nd skein of yarn; drop yarn and attach 3rd
skein of yarn, work across last 29 sts with 3rd skein of

Working each section separately and staying in pattern,
work slits for 6½”, end with a wrong side row. Now
work across all sts with one skein of yarn until 69” from
beginning. Change to smaller needles and work 6 rows of
Seed st across all sts. Bind off in pattern.

Just the portion where I’m to divide for the slit is confusing me. It doesn’t explain it well enough and I’m wondering if someone could explain it to me better?

Hi, and welcome, but could you please edit your post to take out everything before the instructions for working the slit. Even though it’s a free pattern, RH doesn’t like people reposting their patterns.

You’re going to work on different sections at the same time, but using separate ends of yarn. Keeping to the same stitch pattern you’ve been doing, work 29 sts, drop that yarn and pick up another one. You don’t need to knot it to anything, just leave a tail to weave in later, and knit 17 sts. Drop that yarn and use another end to work the last 29 sts. When you get to the end of the row, work back across the 29 sts, drop the yarn, pick up the other one for 17 sts. Then drop that one and finish the row on the last 29 sts. Keep doing this until the slits measure 6½" and you’ve finished a WS row. Then begin the next row and instead of dropping the yarn, knit all the sts across it and that will join them into one again. Finish up according to the pattern.

Thanks, I didn’t realize it would be a problem.

So I basically use three skeins of yarn while working the slit? I’m not exactly sure how to attach yarn in the middle of a row either. I usually knot stuff since I’ve crocheted much longer than I’ve knitted.

I appreciate your help!

Just leave a tail of about 4" - 6" and start knitting. After you get a few rows done, you can go back and tighten up the first few stitches and then weave the tail into the back.

You don’t need 3 full skeins of yarn, just 3 yarn [I]ends[/I]. You can use both ends of one skein, and just begin knitting leaving a tail that you weave in later, the first st may be a little loose, but they won’t come out.

Alright. So basically when it comes to starting the different section, when I get to it grab a different end and just knit with it.

I really prefer to knot so I KNOW it won’t come out. If I really wanted to do that how exactly would I do that? Just if anyone knows.

Thank you both!!!

You really don’t have to knot if you leave about a 6" tail. The yarn may try to escape and undo the knit stitches, but it’s not going anywhere. However, you can loosely tie the new yarn around the old tail in a single temporary knot which can be undone later when you’re ready to weave in the ends.

You can loosely tie the yarn to the needle for a couple rows, but if your tail is long enough, it WILL NOT pull out - promise. I usually only leave about 3" and it doesn’t come out.