RedHeart Briar Rose Wrap pattern question

Has anyone made this? I am having trouble understanding the pattern. For example, instead of saying “Work Row 2 of Double Moss Pattern”, it says “work next row”. So, am I working different rows of the Double Moss in the same row of knitting?
I contacted RedHeart at least a month ago, and never got a response. The pattern can be found on their website. It’s very pretty and I’d love to make it. but the pattern is so confusing!

It could say work row2 of Moss st (or row 3 or row 4) but they choose to go with “next row”. What you’ll be doing for this wrap is working 2 different patterns, the Double Moss st (over 4 rows)and Briar Rose patterns (over 12 rows). At least until I learn the pattern sts, I keep track of these two patterns separately to make sure I’m working the correct row. The Double Moss should be the easiest to see, so it may be more important to keep track of the Briar Rose pattern. You’re only working one row of Briar Rose pattern, one row of Double Moss st and then one row of Briar Rose in each row of the wrap over the given number of sts.

It will help you to place markers so you can easily see the pattern changes in these sections.