Redding, CA

Anyone in the Redding area, or within 45 minutes?

Apparently there aren’t any Redding knitters here other than myself. I am thinking about posting flyers about this site and starting a knitting group at my local community college. What do you think?

I just recently started knitting and found this web site
I am South of you about 40 minutes .
Perhaps we could meet up on a weekend sometime in Redding.

Oh wow, that would be great. even better, we could meet somewhere in the middle? A new semester starts at the school in a couple weeks, so I will make up some flyers, maybe we can get a group going. LOL!

You will probably know of a good location in Redding
Looking forward to meeting together
best wishes

I’m in burney… thats about an hour away from redding… the bus gose there :smiley:

Hey guys, I’m really sorry I never got back to you. I was thinking I’d put out some fliers for a knitting group towards the end of Summer school.

There is a Spinning club that meets in Red Bluff on the first Tuesday of every month. They also have knitters that come. I was thinking that maybe we should just join ther group, but for some reason I can’t seem to remember their meeting time or place. Not to mention, I am terrible with directions when it comes to Red Bluff, so I’m not sure I’d find it. LOL!

So, I was thinking maybe start a group meeting at Shasta college on either Tuesdays or Thursdays in the library’s fireside room. This would be really convenient for students, but may be rough for those that are not. I only say that, because parking costs a $1.00 a day and visitor parking is only good for 30 minutes. I do know that they are putting in parking meters in the “100” lot. They used to have them, but for a year or more, they were taken out. I’m not sure what the meter costs would be, but there will be a 2 hour limit on them.

Now the big question… do you think a meeting like this should be once a month, twice a month, or weekly? Granted, if it is weekly, I don’t expect everyone to show up all the time, I figure people will come when the ywant, and won’t come when they don’t want to. LOL!