Red-white-blue sock yarn

Has anyone seen such a thing as red-white & blue sock yarn?

I want to make Patriotic socks for my darling daughter who is crazy about celebrating our Nation’s birthday!

Self-patterning sock yarn is what I had in mind.

Or else, I’d love to make this pair, but I can’t tell if this pattern is sized for kids. (The web-owner e-mailed me that she’s very busy redesigning her website and would get back to me with an answer at another time.) (scroll down about half-way)

Well, I stumbled across this yarn by Lorna’s Laces:

Did anyone else find something? Cotton sock yarn would be nice since I’m in Central Texas. It’s going to be 88 degrees here today!


I think Regia has a red, white & blue yarn. I think it’s called Regia Nation, but the blue is lighter than that on the flag. :frowning:

If you’re feeling adventurous, how about trying these patriotic socks? How cute are they??

There seams to be a new one from Opal (pic). But it’s not available yet, only for those with an abo.
I know, not very helpful…sorry

Here’s some Regia

Look at the color “Alpine” here

Wow, what great options. I really like that Opal sock yarn. What does this mean?

But it’s not available yet, only for those with an abo.

The patriotic socks on busyknitters are very handsome. I may try those.

The Lorna’s Laces yarn was pricey. $10.95/skein and I’d need two in order to make a pair :?? . When you add shipping, then that’s a $27.50 pair of socks! For a child who will outgrow them!

Thanks, ladies for your great sleuthing!


The manufacturer of the Opal yarn has its own shop and they offer an subscription(sorry, thought abo was the english word too!) where you get to test there new yarn four times a year before everyone else can buy it.
I’m on a german mailing-list maintained by a yarn shop owner and she’ll post when the yarn is available.


since I can’t read German, does the website say anything about the yarn being available in the US anytime soon?


maybe try putting the link on this site to see how well it translates. it isn’t perfect but it usually does a fair job. has self striping yarn…I think they have a patriotic colored one. They are really nice and knit up easily.

While you’re at it, you should make some of these! :mrgreen:

I saw the Regia nations in person, and the blue didn’t seem that “off” to me. Only 5.29 HERE