Red vomit from kitty

Hi all.

I don’t know whether to be concerned or not. :think: She made noises like she was going to cough up a hairball, but reddish liquid (with a few hairs) came up instead. She’s acting completely normal (sitting on my lap and purring), but part of me is wondering whether the red stuff could be blood. The entire amount is probably a couple of tablespoons, if that. I would think that if she ate something sharp that lacerated her stomach, she’d be writhing in pain, but she’s just being her happy self, so I don’t know what to think. :??

I called DH and he thinks she just ate something weird (and red?), though I can’t imagine what that could be. I saved the vomit for him to look at when he comes home in a few hours. The thing is, should I be worried if kitty is otherwise okay? It doesn’t smell like blood to me (though maybe it’s too diluted to tell). I’m afraid that if I call the vet, she’ll end up getting unnecessary tests when it’s probably nothing. I know there are lots of cat lovers on KH so I’m wondering what you think. Okay to wait until DH comes home? He’s had her since she was one, and knows her much better than I do. He said she’s eaten weird stuff before.

BTW, kitty is 17, an indoor cat for the last 4 years, and she just went for a check up a couple weeks ago. We’ve been transitioning her to wet food (Merrick, which she loves) since some of her kidney enzyme levels were a bit elevated. Otherwise the vet said she’s in really great shape.


Hiya Jane

Hmm - Does she regularly chuck up fur balls without any problems? My 15 year-old cats are shedding like mad and despite my brushing them to within an inch of their nine lives, still expel said furry horrors.

I know you will but please keep an eye on kitty - check if she becomes more than (usually) lethargic - but the main thing to watch out for is if the third eyelid suddenly begins to show up. It comes from the inner corner of the eye, grey coloured - if it shows up at all, get the Vet.

I’m sure your kitty will be ok but if she seems off colour, I’d go get her checked - if she’s swallowed something nasty, then an x-ray should reveal it.

Please let me know how you make out with her.

All Best Wishes


Another thing to check is the color of the new food. If there’s red dye in it, that might be causing the color. Mine occasionally toss just a little liquid, sometimes because they can’t get the hairball up, and the liquid will be tinged red if they have recently eaten a dark colored Pounce treat.


If this was me I’d be ringing the vet for advice. If the vet thinks it’s o.k, you can stop worrying. Better to be safe than sorry.

Bigs hugs and tickles to you cat.

Hope she feels better soon.
I know my kitty has reactions to the red food dye in some foods and will vomit them. We have to feed her food with no food dyes. I’m hoping it’s nothing and she’ll be back to normal soon. :muah:

is it possible for you to bring it to the vet and have them check it out without the commute with the kitty? Are things coming out of her other end ok?
I guess if she’s able to eat and pass ok I would just watch her:shrug:

Thanks everyone. :hug: I called the vet, and the receptionist said pretty much what I expected… it might not be a bad idea to bring her in today or tomorrow just to be on the safe side, but at the very least keep an eye on her for any changes, especially breathing difficulty. Since it’s not an “emergency” (her terminology), I’m going to wait until DH gets home before taking any next steps. She’s still acting completely normally so it’s hard to be [I]too[/I] worried. I’ll just keep her under observation for now. (She’s on my lap purring away as I write this.)

I don’t think the red could’ve come from her last meal. I was the one who fed her, and the food looked pretty much like the picture in the link. (Spoiled kitty is eating better than us these days!) There are supposed to be dried cranberries in there, but not enough to make her vomit red. The only red thing I can think of that she may have accidentally eaten is a rogue cherry (I dropped some on the floor the other day, so it’s possible I missed one), but I’m not sure that would be the right color. That’s a good question about taking the sample into the vet without bringing kitty. When DH gets home, maybe we can call and ask about that. Right now I should probably get back to the work I’ve been avoiding. :blush: Thanks again & I’ll keep you up to date.

Update: well, DH came home and thinks we shouldn’t worry about it unless she starts exhibiting other symptoms. As he put it, “she’s had weird colors come out of her before.” I tend to trust his judgment since he knows her a lot better than I do. They did their daily roughhousing and her energy level was good, so I tend to agree that she’s probably fine. I’ll watch her closely and if anything out of the ordinary happens, I’ll call the vet, but otherwise, I’m going to consider this an isolated, if mysterious incident. Kitty and I thank everyone for the help and good wishes. :muah:

so happy she seems ok! I hate random kitty emergencies! (mine just spent 5 min on a hariball that didn’t come up):zombie:

One final update:

Hurray for kitty! :woohoo::cheering::yay::woot::happydance:

She just coughed up, and it wasn’t red! Looks like whatever it was has gone through her system. Whew! Thanks again for the well wishes! :muah:

Just curious but do you give her Petromalt for preventing hairballs or hacking episodes??? Or something like that?? I find my kitties don’t have many hacking episodes if I give them Petromalt a few times a week.

Just a suggestion for your baby…:thumbsup: Glad she’s doing better.

:cheering::cheering: Yay! You’d be surprised what they think is fun to eat. I found purple vomit one time and spent the good part of the day wondering what was going on as I do not own anything purple. Later that night I found my “Get Well” mylar balloon on the floor and found out she nibbled on the ribbon. :hmm:

We’ve tried petromalt, and it didn’t seem to do much. I think her new food might be helping, though. It seems like she produces less now that she did before, though it might just be that she’s not shedding as much. (What came out this morning wasn’t very hairy, mostly just clearish liquid.)

stitchwitch!! :roflhard:

I have 4 cats, and at least one of them are barfing up something at any given moment :ick: :zombie: :ick: Ironically, I bought some hairball-control kitty food once, to see if it would help control the hairballs, and ALL FOUR were barfing it up the whole next day. I threw that stuff away!!

I’m glad kitty is OK :hug:

:psst: Did anyone else read this as "red vomit from KNITTY ??? I was like… Gah! What kind of knitting pattern is called red vomit!! :teehee: [/SIZE][/I]

Oh yeah, been there done that. I have a bag of it in my pantry as we speak. I’m saving it just in case someone who has a cat ever ticks me off. I’ll donate it to them and they can clean up the carnage. :roflhard:

Mine will do this a few times, then the next time the hairball will come up and they’re good to go for a while. It’s like they’re trying to get the hairball up, but they only manage some stomach fluids.


Sometimes Itchy who is a water hog will drink a bunch of water and run around at warp speed with his tail all poofy too much and then barf up all the water.:zombie: Kinda like a kid that spins too much and throws up. kinda funny but still gross:roflhard:
On a similar vein, there used to be laxative treats that were gummy laxative covered with a treat for hairballs, well, Mulder got into the WHOLE CAN, all of a sudden he was puking and puking pink stuff everywhere, he had eaten all of it! Had to go to the vet and get rehydrated, which was kinda funny because they put the h2o just under the skin on his back, so he had a big water balloon back, and if you poked him it would squirt out of the hole from the needle. Im such a bad kitty mommy:blooby:

:roflhard: My cat had the “quasimoto rehydration treatment” onetime.
I also thought my cat was the only one who did the freak out run around thing after having water or pooping.:roflhard: It’s so bad in our household one of us will say “check the box, the cat is freaking out again.”

Our kitty had the “goiter” rehydration thing once too! She sooooo hates going to the vet. Last time she peed on DH. It was kinda funny since it didn’t happen to me. :teehee:

P.S. to Hildie: it’s true that there have been some strange things on knitty. I’m not sure about red vomit, but I definitely have some prototype “hairballs” I could send in!