Red Sweater Project

Anyone ever hear of this?

I also heard this response:

It’s an interesting project - I’m always glad to see knitting brought into art and political issues.

However, I’m disappointed that it ignores the (at least) 100 times as many Iraqi civilian deaths as U.S. soldier deaths. As tragic as each soldier’s loss of life is, the messages I’m hearing from the U.S. (both from media and citizens) ignores the >100,000 Iraqi’s killed for corporate global hegemony - and entirely forgets the devastation of Afghanistan.

That doesn’t even touch on the orders of magnitude more maimed or otherwise traumatized (both in the invading forces and the Iraqi people).

If I were doing the red sweater project, I’d call for the 1500 sweaters to represent the U.S. dead - but I’d also call for >100,000 black sweaters to represent the Iraqi dead, and I don’t know how many more to represent the Afghani dead.

But I’m not doing that project. I’d rather promote doing blankets, sweaters and other garments for the Iraqi (and Afghan) people who are being devastated by the U.S. invasions.

If there’s some way to do art or protest work that then feeds into support work (e.g., knitted protest banners that become blankets), that’s my preference.

Any info on something like this?

I have seen projects like this on the Net. I will try to find some. Even though we are separated now, I learned a lot about the Muslim world from my husband, who is Egyptian. I was so naiive about the world and how American actions are viewed. :frowning: Still, there are so many issues that are complicated and confusing. I’m not sure how conditions truly are now for women and girls in Afghanistan. It would be nice to knit something that would help in some small way.

I was very glad to see this thread.

OK, I think I found some.

Great links, thanks for this!