RED SCARF PROJECT - Charity for Orphans

Mo0nAngel told me about this really cool charity knitting project called “The Red Scarf Project”. All you have to do is knit a scarf and mail it off. It will be sent to an orphan in college, who never gets mail from family like their friends do. I’m in!

thanks shandeh

I’m so going to do this. Thanks for the tip!

I saw this project a few days ago and have my red yarn (Wool-Ease Red Sprinkle) ready to go. Right after the Caps to the Capitol Project.

I was browsing the Orphans Foundation site for more info. BEWARE!!! I’m sitting in my office at work with tears flowing full blast. Maybe I’m just getting sentimental in my old age.

The site also has a nifty pattern developed by Lily Chin which I thought I would try. It’s a reversible mock cable.

Those orphan pages are a real tear-gusher! I have a real heart for orphans, because my family has experienced adoption. It’s heart-breaking for the one who sacrifices the child, and SO good for the child who is being adopted. Just another page in life’s twists and turns.

After looking at this website, I realized that I haven’t been mailing anything to MY kids at college! I’m a BAD mom. :oops:

very cool thanks for posting this!

I see that they don’t want them until January (they are distributed for Valentine’s Day). That gives me plenty of time to work it in between now and New Year’s and maybe do a couple…

hmm… what to make, what to make… (he he another reason to go buy yarn. YAY)

I decided to add the red scarf project to my list of charity knitting. The Lily Chin Gramercy Merino yarn is the official yarn of the Red Scarf Project according to the Lily Chin site. A bit pricey for charity knitting. I stopped by one of the local yarn markets today and got some very nice Patons 100% wool on sale…God is good!

Judy D

Well, that doesn’t surprise me coming from Lily Chin. I wish we ALL had that kind of money, but unfortunately we don’t. The website I posted doesn’t “require” any particular yarn. They just say to make it soft.

Would Plymouth Encore be a good yarn for this?

yeah, I’m thinking about KP Swish or maybe Andrean Silk… :thinking:

Those yarns would both be fine. We can use anything soft. Washable or not, but they prefer washable since it’s going to college students.

Here are the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) from the Red Scarf Project blog:

What material should my scarf be?
Any material. It should be soft. Machine washable is a plus, but it doesn’t need to be. Care instructions attached to the scarf would be a nice idea. Look, Mel has designed some very cool ones here. They would also like you to put a label or note attached to the scarf saying who it is from (it can be first name only, if you wish) and what city you are from. That adds a nice personal touch. Consult the website and the document here for further details. Please click on that link at the word “here” in the previous sentence to read the guidelines for the program.

Can I crochet the scarf?
Yes, of course.

Can I make a lace scarf that is pink or lavender instead of red?Yes, you may, if you feel you must. However, the project is BIG, with many volunteers all trying to pack things into boxes with care in a limited time frame. I suspect things go in boxes and the labels go on afterwards, not making it very easy to match up girly things with girls. Put yourself in their frenzied position on boxing day. It would be a helluva lot easier for them if the scarves were of unisex designs and mostly red or other unisex colors (multi-colors are cool, too!) so they don’t have to try to determine if the recipient is male or female.

What size should my scarf be?
They would like the scarves to be approximately 60 inches long (at least) and 5 to 8 inches wide, and drapey enough to wrap around the neck and be tied.

Where do I send my scarf? Orphan Foundation of America
Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive, Unit 130
Sterling, VA 20166

DO NOT SEND IT BEFORE JANUARY 2007. They do not have space to store them all before then.

Here is another blog page, showing some photos from when they sent packages this past February!

Here’s my finished Red Scarf!

You can mail your red scarves today!!!

Yep! I have mine all ready to mail.

You can see it under “Watcha Knittin?”

I Use KP Swish Superwash.

Very pretty!

I just finished mine! I used the Scrunchable Scarf pattern and knit mine in Encore Worsted.

Amber that looks so soft!!

I saw this awhile ago and I just happen to be working on a red scarf but it’s not quite up to their specs. I think I’ll reevaluate when I’m finished and see if it’s close enough to work. (It’s a braided cable scarf only about 4 inches wide but it’s made out of baby alpaca and so soft!)

Beautiful Amber!

The completed scarves can be mailed through the month of January, so HURRY and make one, Suzie!