Red Scarf Complete!

Here is the Red Scarf I made for the Orphan Foundation of America the Red Scarf Project.

I used the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern and used Knitpicks Swish Superwash in Fire Brick Red. It is 5 feet long. I started this in October and worked on it intermittently so it seemed like it took me forever!!
It’s now all boxed up and ready to mail.
It is difficult to photgraph red. But here are a couple photos.

Thanks for looking.

It is really lovely. :heart:

WOW!!! :cheering: That beautiful!!! :cheering: My DIL knitting for the RSP. Do you have to use the pattern on the site?

Do you have to use the pattern on the site?

No, it just has to be approximately 5-8 inches by 60 inches and it’s better if washable and gender neutral. The pattern on the site is only a suggestion. If I do this again I’m using bulky yarn- five feet is a long knit!

It looks awesome! I love it in red!!

I have to look for some red in my stash and send at least one to this project, I love the idea… :cheering: Thank you for sharing!!