Red, huh?

I kinda like it. But I’m suspicious because the KP Deck the Halls banner started showing up at the same time. :slight_smile:

LOL! It’s quite festive!

I think I am blind…what is red?

The default color theme for the background of KH pages. I didn’t see it because I have mine set to blue. Purple was the previous default.

Oh, I didn’t know what the heck you were talking about either. I had mine set to purple or blue or whatever, but now it’s red. There were always 4 colors though so what’s the red in place of?

ETA: the red won’t stay, it always reverts to purple/blue.:??

I love it! :heart:

Yeah…mine is purple…I haven’t seen the red!

I think pink was the other color. I reset it to red and it does fade down to pink as you go down a page. Now I can’t see the blue button to change it back. Waaaaaah!

There are 5 colors at the top of the page I am looking at now. I like the red. :woot:

I only see 4. The blue one is missing.

eta. I opened the site in IE and saw where the blue button goes and found it hidden next to the blue in the search field. Now I’m blue again! YAY! lol…

Oh thats what those colors are at the top of the page…! LOL

No, there are definitely 5-- maybe moderators don’t get the same privileges as us peons?:rofl:

I’d call this “cranberry”, and I LOVE it!!!

It’s the browser. Five show up in IE, but with Firefox, the blue one is smooshed over into the colored box around the search field. I rolled the mouse over it and found it.

Glad you like it. Amy has asked me for a while to tone down the default KH theme and make it more relaxing, kind of a like a Victorian era tearoom. Thus was born the newest theme.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the KP’s banner, although I noticed as soon as I put it up that the color in the banner is pretty much a perfect match with the theme. It was shear coincidence. I have had this template in the works for several months, long before their ad appeared.

Those who liked the old color can choose that color from the selector dots at the top of the page. It’s the second dot. And if you don’t see all 5 dots, you may need to refresh your browser a couple times or clear your cache.

Try refreshing the browser a couple times in FF and see if the buttons move over so they all display. Most likely your FF is caching the stylesheet which handles the positioning of the buttons. I tested in FF 3.0 and 3.5 and Safari 4 and they all display correctly.

Count again using your good foot, Jan. :roflhard:

red, Indigo (purple in my Firefox), orange, pink (lavender to me), blue

My Firefox will not remember my choice like IE does. :sad:

If you click a theme (yarn ball?) at the very top of the page (left of the “Search Here” box) you should always see your color background theme.

Oh, since I use Firefox and have a few tabs open (Subscriptions, General Knitting, How-to Questions, What’cha Knittin’?, Crochet!, & Off Topic Discussions) I see some have just four theme choices.

Time to reload all tabs… :waving:

Try clearing your cookies. Sometimes the cookies get messed up.

I’ve tried to choose the blue theme but when I reload tabs or the whole browser the theme reverts to the default. This only happens in my FF 3.0; It works fine in IE.

I LOVE the red!! My eyes are very sensitive to bright light and bright colors so the red is perfect and definitely more relaxing!

Try clearing your cookies and then logging back in and choosing a theme. It should stick after that.