Red Heart Soft Yarn

I’m making a sweater in a light blue color using this yarn. I love it!

Now, when it comes to most of the other Red Heart yarns, yuck! They’re so stiff and rough. Just terrible if you ask me. I can’t make anything with that stuff. :frog:

Ohh I love the RH soft yarn too! Gorgeous colors, and so nice.

I like it too. I wonder what the technological advance was that allowed this soft acrylic…and why they still make the scratchy stuff! Maybe the scratchy stuff wears longer? I guess I would rather wear out my afghan than have my afghan wear ME out, lol.

It’s like Caron’s Simply Soft and Bernat’s Satin. I like all 3 yarns. I’m currently finishing a throw in RHS in Grass Green. It’s not my favorite color but then the throw is not for me and everyone says the color is lovely. The yarn is very soft.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

My stepmom made me an afghan for my birthday out of it! It’s incredibly soft!

Good tip! I have two small kids and that would be perfect for knitting stuff for them! Wool can be too scratchy for them.

I’m making a blue sweater in the same yarn! Mine is more of a smokey blue tho.

I looooove it. The best part is the yardage. This sweater normally calls for 10-15 balls. I am about 1/3 the way and not yet done my 2nd ball. woo!

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Where are y’all finding Red Heart Soft? I want to try it!

I have two skeins of it in a kinda country blue I’m planning to use to make a matching hat and scarf.

Hate to admit this…it definitely gives away my age…

But…30 years ago…I purchased some wonderful acrylic cream yarn at K-Mart…knit up 4 afghans…the Fisherman type…with cables and bobbles, etc…and to this day…those afghans are still alive and holdin’ their own!

:pout: Only problem is: I don’t have one of the afghans at MY HOUSE anymore. :pout: As our children grew up and married and left home…they all took one…and those blankets are now on the back of the sofas in their TV rooms.

That is a fond memory of my kids…in front of the Tube…under one afghan blankie each!

I had to go out and get another one for myself! Didn’t knit it…bought it at a closeout sale at my LYS…composed of 12-12" big squares made with different colors of Manos del Uruguay Wool! Love it!
Paid through the nose! :verysad:

walmart here. tho in canada it’s called “soft touch”

I agree the red heart soft IS actually soft~!!
I am glad somebody finally woke up at Red Heart~! :?? :??

I’m so glad you posted this topic!!! I’ve seen it in the stores, but after working with other Red Heart yarns (scratchy and icky!), I haven’t been “brave” enough to try it. I will definitely give it a second chance–one thing is for sure–the colors are very pretty!

I LOVE that yarn too! I bought some to make my daughter her shrug, and I want to go back and buy about 50 more of them (although the supply at my WalMart is really low…and they don’t even keep it with the rest of the yarns…for some reason, they have it by the scrapbooking stuff!).

I picked up some of the dark red to make a sweater for my future niece or nephew (saw an ultrasound yesterday!).

This stuff is a dream to knit with and washes up so well!


WALMART. COM??? :?? :??

I just did a search on the Coats & Clark website. Apparently, the only WalMarts that carry Red Heart Soft are in the upscale suburbs…hmm…