Red Heart Pattern -help

I have’nt been knitting very long and I’m trying to make my first sweater. and I’m lost. can someone tell me what this means:

Keeping continuity of pattern,work sts, turn and leave rem stson the left hand needle. Work back across these same sts in pattern. bind off. with right sid facing, attach yarn to rem sts, bind off next 14 sts work to end -13 sts. work 1 row. bind

Thank You



Can you give us the name of the pattern and a link to it?

Stay in the stitch pattern, but knit X sts then turn as if you were at the end of a row. Work the X sts in pattern, then turn and bind them off. Then go back to the leftover sts with the RS facing you, and with a new yarn end BO 14 sts (these will probably be the center sts) and work to end of row. Turn and work the WS row, then turn and BO the 13 sts that are left. This will make a neck with short tabs for the shoulders.

I can’t find a link the name is baby love sweater & hat. It’s in the Red Heart Knitting made easy book.

thank you:X:

It’s pretty typical back neck shaping. You work on one shoulder, leaving the rest of the sts, and do BOs on that shoulder. Then take a yarn end and BO the center sts for the back of the neck opening, and work on the other shoulder with BOs to shape it.