Red Heart LW3884

I am having trouble with the Butterfly Cabled Blanket charts. Specifically, how to “insert” the Leaf Chart into the Leaves and Berries Chart. I am totally confused! And how do I interpret the YO?

You’re going to use 19sts for the leaf and berries chart. The leaf chart inserts as shown and uses the yarn overs to increase sts for the leaf itself. So row 1 of the leaf & berries becomes:
p6, [U]yo, k1, yo[/U], p2, k1, p9.
The underlined is the leaf chart insert. Since the yarn over doesn’t use a stitch, this row of the leaf chart only uses one stitch.

The markers are going to be critical, especially for the first couple of rows of this beautiful blanket. You might add in a different color marker for the leaf pattern if it helps.