Red Heart, Handsome Harry cardigan help pls

I could someone help me please as I am a
Iittletter confused with the following instructions 'Shape Neck and Armhole
Next Row (Right Side): Continuing to work
patterns as established, dec 1 st at neck edge
this row, every other row 1 (1, 1, 0, 0) time(s),
then every 4th row 10 (10, 11, 12, 12) times,
as follows: Work to marker, ssk, work to end.
AT THE SAME TIME, beginning with first wrong
side row, shape armhole by binding off 3
(4, 5, 7, 8) sts once, then decreasing 1 st at
armhole edge every right side row 4 (4, 4, 7,
9) times—31 (34, 36, 39, 40) sts. Work even if
needed until armhole measures same as Back
to beginning of shoulder shaping, ending with

American supposed dec every 4th row 11 times as well work to the marker etc âll at the same time, I’m going to get very confused if that’s the case

These directions are often confusing. Sometimes it helps to write them out row by row and then check them off as you knit.
Which size are you making?

I’m making the large. I have read and read each line and still not sure how I’m supposed to do it

I usually write these rows out and check them off as I work them.
If you call the “Next row” row 1, then you would dec 1 stitch on the neck edge on rows 1 and 3, and then on rows 7,11,15,19,23 etc. continuing for 10 times.
Bind off 4sts at the armhole edge on row 2,and then dec 1 stitch on rows 3,5,7,9.

Thank you, I will try your suggestion and hope for the best, I have gotten so far I don’t want to give up now

I am still fairly new to knitting so really appreciate your help