Red Dwarf Patterns?

Since i’m a knitter, everyone I know expects something knitted for Christmas, no surprise, except I’m having trouble finding cool patterns that are quicker than a sweater but more…well…unexpected. I don’t want to give the usual scarf and my boyfriend and I are massively huge fans of the british series Red Dwarf.

So I was just wondering if any one knew of any patterns based on Red Dwarf. I’ve been searching online for them and I’ve come up with nothing. I’m not good at making patterns so that kinda kills my ideas for a Kryten doll, or making the king of the potato people. So if anyone knows where I could find some Red Dwarf patterns, that would be fantastic!

Sorry, I didn’t find any based on that character. Whatever he is…:??

I’m coming up with bupkis also.

Hmmm…I didn’t find any specific patterns but I think you could make up some pretty easy. I think I’ve seen a knit pattern for the type of hat Lister wears…you know with the fold up ear flaps. Have to check around for that…

You could do a hat or head band with an H in the forehead area for Rimmer. Cat, well, anything cool and sophisticated would work for him. A silky scarf perhaps? Also, you could chart out the logo and work it into a pattern. :slight_smile: Kryten is hard I can’t think of anything knit that would represent him…sorry!

Libbie :slight_smile:

Here are some socks based on the Cat character: red dwarf socks.
They are pretty socks, though they honestly don’t scream “red dwarf”.

I like gargoyelib’s idea of a hat with an “H” on it. It’d be pretty easy to do.

A dreadlock beanie made from dark bucle yarn would be a cool Lister gift, I think… Just make a basic hat with 30 or so long, thin tubes of varying lengths to look like dreads.

Also, I’m glad I’m not the only fan of the show. Most people give me a blank stare when I even mention it…:woohoo:

I used to really enjoy that show. I haven’t seen it in well over a decade.

Have you tried Craftster? They sometimes have some unusual patterns there.

Can’t help with the pattern search, but just wanted to say that I LOVE Red Dwarf. :slight_smile:

My hubby and I got the series on tape after seeing it on our local PBS affiliate. Once every couple years, we feel the need to do some “Dwarfing” and watch the all the episodes in order over a period of several months. We’re about due for a dose of “I’m gonna getcha, little fishie!” right about now!

I have never seen the show- but I LOVE the books. They are too funny!