Recycling yarn

Here’s a great link that shows you how to recycle yarn. Awright now y’all go out and raid those thrift shops!


She has scissors in her hand!! I can’t look anymore. Somebody tell me when it’s over…

*[color=indigo]ekgheiy stares in amazement[/color]


I would love to see the new sweater that she made with the recycled yarn!!!

Thanks, feministmama! I’ve been enamored of the idea of recycling yarn for awhile now. I’m going to hit the Salv-ar tomorrow! I’d go today, but my five year old is sick and has a ruptured eardrum.
btw, I’m taking a women’s studies survey class this semester, and your username gives me a giggle. I’m trying to figure out just how many minors I’m allowed.

Isn’t that sacreligous??? :evil:


I have a couple of sweaters in my closet that I haven’t worn in a couple of years. I wonder what they might become in the future?


I’ve always wondered how that was done, but wasn’t brave enough to try it. I too have sweaters in my closet that I love that I have long outgrown. Where are my scissors?

haha! i was just thinking (after my koolaid dyig tutorial) that i should do a how-to on recycling yarn! thanks for the link ~she did a great job. i like how she measured the yardage.

Whoa…I just bagged up some stuff for the goodwilll…and I think there are some sweaters in the mix. Yikes, I better go see if any can be salvaged!!

How smart is this??

Dudette - get ready to have some fun!! :happydance: