Recycling yarn...aaaggghhh...I give up!

Ok, I’m officially very frustrated. I bought 2 sweaters a few days ago to try out unraveling them in order to use the yarn. I’ve managed to ruin both of them. I cut them at the seams. I picked a place to start But I don’t think it was the natural starting place becase it didn’t unravel easily. I had to do a lot of weaving through yarn to get any progress…very slow. Then the worst part. The yarn now looks like a big handfull of string. It is seperating which basically makes it worthless.

Sorry, just venting. I’m not happy at all!!! :doh:

That’s too bad! Maybe machine knit sweaters unravel differently? Here is an site that tells what to look for and gives tips. Hope it helps for future scores.

There was an episode on Knitty Gritty last week about it, too. It’ll be on again soon I’m sure.

Knitty Gritty -refashioned knits

Jan, I actually watched that episode a while back. It’s what gave me the idea to do it. It looked MUCH easier on tv. LOVE that show though.

This site really helped me when I started recycling yarn.

Very helpfull! Thank You! :happydance: