Recycled yarn

So I got a sweater at Goodwill, LL Bean, 100% wool, white. I ripped off the sleeve and unraveled it and dyed it with kool aid. Do you think I could sell it on Etsy? Has anyone ever bough recycled yarn? I have recycled sweaters before to make things for myself and it worked great. But do other people like it? Would they be wiling to buy it? Any advice about Etsy or selling yarn would be great.

here’s the sweater pre dye

Here it is with dye

Its dried and I wound it up

That’s pretty neat! I know someone on KH has sold recycled yarn on etsy before. Too bad I don’t remember who it was. :think:

I have seen recycled yarn on Etsy, but I don’t know if it sold or not. :shrug:

(I guess that isn’t any help. :lol:)

I didn’t peruse but here ya go!

Good luck!

I love the colours! It would be so cute to make a hat or scarf or bag out of! How much yarn is in the ball? How much would you sell it for?

Thanks! So far I have 200 yards. And that’s only from one sleeve! There is a break in the middle somewhere (its got 4 or so strands and right in the middle some of the strand broke off) so I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling it. On my next sleeve I will do better!

hiya… i thought i’d add in my 2 cents.

you surely can sell recycled yarn… quite a few people do it…
i used to! recycled yarn is mainly where i got my start dyeing yarns…that and lion brand fishermans wool…

selling yarn and on etsy can be a tricky thing… i’m not sure of the market for recycled yarns at the moment since i haven’t “made” any to sell in quite a while.

if you want to turn it into a more than a hobby… have the time for unravelling, dyeing, possibly re-skeining, picture taking, label making, etc… then i don’t see the harm in giving it a go

if you want to keep it more casual… then i prob wouldn’t bother trying to sell it as it may get lost in the shuffle
and thats okay since you can get quite a bit of satisfaction from knitting something in your own hand dyes

the best advice i can give though is to search etsy to get a feel for recycled yarns sold there and then go with your instincts :slight_smile: