Recycled sweaters dyed

some unravelling pictures

i don’t remember how much yarn i got out of the thing since i saved part of the sleeves for arm warmers and a half of a front panel because i just had to keep another piece of it.

and here it is dyed up with wiltons cake dyes. which i don’t think i care for over regular food dyes. i seem to have to use alot of wiltons to get the color i want.

only the burgandy, blue and multicolored left corner are that yarn, the others are lionsbrand fishermans wool and a second sweater.

i don’t have a picture of the second sweater but here is the rest of that yarn dyed up

these were dyed by my younger cousins

thanks for looking!

My favorites are the burgundy and rainbow color ones!

those are great! i like the blue/green the best and the dark purple/black

Beautiful! What will you make with these?


My mother just un-raveled a wool sweater for me. It’s waiting (along with a few other skeins) for the garden to be through & winter to come to dye them!

Great job!

thanks !

so far for this batch i think i’ll be making cat beds and maybe some socks. the ones my cousins dyed i’ll use for whatever they would like


The colors are so beatiful I especially like the one you cousin did. How do you take one skein of yarn and dye it with many different colors of yarn without the color running on the others dye?