Recycled Silk 'yarn'

I don’t know whatever possessed me to buy this skein of ‘recycled silk sari yarn’…but it looks like I’ll be untangling it for awhile yet.

Was intending to knit it up into a ‘skinny scarf’ for a friend who prefers scarves to jewelry, has a collection of scarves for such purposes.

but HECK - don’t know if this is going to look good in the end. Paid $8 for it, on sale. Seemed like a good idea at the time…

Those little nubbies are making it hard to untangle, huh? It’ll be beautiful when it’s done though! There are quite a few projects on Ravelry with the various types, but I didn’t look up untangling it. Maybe someone there would have some thoughts…

It’s very pretty (I think), as is your floor and your chair! :slight_smile:

If you’re not sure if you’ll like it knitted up, use what you’ve untangled so far to make a swatch.

The stuff my nightmares are made of!!!
:evil: :hiding:

I have one word – patience :slight_smile: (And I don’t have enough to untangle the whole hank.) I only used hanks a few times, my LYS let me use their ball winder and also they taught me to do it by hand without the tangling nightmare.

If it helps anyone – next time when you untie the hank, wrap it around your lap and keep the tension with your knees. From my experience even normal wool tangles when it just sits there without some kind of holder be it a niddy-noddy, spouses’ hands, back of the chair or whatever.

Thanks for the opinions, ladies! It’s now Sunday evening, and I didn’t get too far with it. I’ve noticed that as quickly as I stretch it out to wind it, it curls itself into short, twisty ‘fingers’ of some sort. I’m going to bring it back to my LYS tomorrow, see what they suggest.

You might try wrapping it around chair backs and tying it in four or five places to make a large loop. Then you can wash it and hang it up to dry to see if that will unkink it.

Here’s a site that talks about recycling yarn. Scroll down to see the part about how to get the kinks out:

Best of luck in your endeavor!!

It looks like a lovely color … I hope you get it sorted out! I would not have the patience to get that thing untangled, it would undoubtedly end up being thrown across the room! :rofl: