Recycled Silk Yarn

I just purchased some srecycled silk yarn, about 150 yards. I’m lookg for a free pattern that’s not a bag or scarf. Ideas?

How about a big HUGE hat?

Hahah! That’s why I bought it, becasue i thought those hats were so cool. I could have just bought a hat for cheaper than the yarn, though, I think. But anyway, seriously, how often would I wear the hat? Like, twice. maybe.

ANYWAY, since KK didn’t answer my question… anyone?


ooo love the book cover!

OOOOOOH Hilde!!! Is that that Sari yarn? I :inlove: that! I saw some on Ebay and nearly bid my little :heart: out. Lucky you!

I thought ya might!

Love that yarn! Do tell where you got it from! It is beautiful!!

That book cover is a great idea. I need to buy some silky yarn. :smiley:

I got it from Wool & Company in Geneva IL.(they do ship, but I couldn’t find the yarn on the webpage; they have a TON of yarn!) It was 16 bucks a skein, which I thought was expensive, but while I was rolling it into a ball, I was glad I spent the money b/c it wasn’t full of sticks or dirt or anything (I heard that a problem with other cheaper recycled silk yarns). Ebay has a TON of recycled silk, and the prices look pretty good, too, but I would email the seller and/or check feedback to see if it’s good stuff or full of yucky chunkies.

Do you think of :inlove: [color=red]MEEEEEEE [/color]:inlove: every time you go there???


i think about you CONSTANTLY!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: especially when i’m sneaking up to your house at 3am, and taking… oh never mind… forget about that part. :oo:

:cheering: I’ve always wanted to be special enough to have a STALKER!!! :cheering:

[size=2] actually, i’m stalking howie [/size] :shifty:

[size=2]:mad: dammit. :mad:[/size]