Recycled Sari Silk Yarn

This is what I’ve done with the recycled Sari Silk yarn I got off Ebay. This yarn has such pretty, vibrant colors, but it is not easy to work with! Some if it falls apart, unwinds, unravels, is rough and even has bits of sticks or straw in it!
But it is SO pretty! The colors! It reminds me of the hippi days of yore. I made a hat, that is ribbed for a couple inches on the bottom, then knit the rest. And the purse I just kinda made up…I just knit with simple rib and knit the little flap on top and made a skinny rope type thing that gathers the purse together so on one side it shows the little flap and on the other side it shows the gathered rope thing. AND then the scarf, which I’m still knitting, that is a simple rib also.
I have not blocked anything yet. I also doubled this yarn with some Lion Brand Chenille that I also got from Ebay.
I wish my camara was better so you all could see how pretty the colors are for real.
Hope everybody had a good, safe and happy New Year.
sue :muah:

That purse is very cool! Good job. I’ve seen the website for that yarn and I just didn’t know what I would do with it.

I haven’t seen the Sari Silk before it’s very pretty…Great job and the purse is to cute!! :happydance:

Looks so pretty:)

The bag is cute and so colorful. I’d love to be able to make one up ‘out of my head’ like you did.

Thanks for letting me know about the problems with the sari yarn, I don’t think I’m ready for that level of frustration yet!

THANK YOU for all the nice replies!
Dont get me wrong though, the sari silk is not all bad. I had about 9 skiens of it and out of all that yarn it only broke about twice. The strange thing is, that some of it is REALLY soft and some is kind of, well, not as soft. It is a very interesting yarn. Really differant and pretty colors.
THANKS again,

Gorgeous FOs!!! I agree, such beautiful colors! And your bag is just to die for! Great job!

[I]Edited: Thanks to you I just went on ebay and bid on 10 skeins of the stuff!! LOL[/I]

gorgeous. I’ve been looking at this yarn…nice!

Great job on the bag!

What an interesting texture and beautiful colors! Your projects turned out so well.