Rectangular shawl? >>>

I seem to remember that the Yarn Harlot had a pattern for one in her book.

Is there one like that somewhere? Or does anyone have one they can send me a link to?

Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure what the Yarn Harlot’s shaw looks like, but here’s a good lace to start looking for a shaw pattern:

and if youdecide you want a triangle:

Have you checked the YH’s blog?

I looked at it earlier but was in a hurry. Will check back. It’s a pretty long blog, though!

got a lace scarf pattern or lace dishcloth that you like? Increase the caston to be an appropriate width (probably 28 to 30 inches).

A rectangular shawl or stole is just a wide scarf. or, a wide and LONG dishcloth.

Eunny Jang (who is the current editor of Interweave Knits) has a tutorial up on her old blog on lace and shawl making at this address:

and if you look at the right hand column under “GRATIS” is a PDF for the “Print O’ The Wave Stole.” HTH.

Knitty’s Cozy is a nice rectangular shawl.

I look at sooo many sites and so many things that I cannot remember what I saw where!

Going to look up Knitty’s ‘Cozy’. (Bet I’ve already printed it, too!)