Rectangle shrug

right my brain is fried and i need a simple project
i cant find the pattern i need
please can any one help please

I can give you a recipe and you can take it from there:
Measure from your waist in back to your back neckline, if that’s where you want it to fit.
Measure from where you want it to hit your upper arm across your shoulders to the other side.
If you’re really fried, just cast on enough to make your waist to neck measurement and work the whole thing in garter stitch until you have the side to side length you want, then sew a couple of inches to make the sleeves.
Otherwise, and remember, you can work the knitting and any sleeve length you want in the round:
Cast on enough stitches to fit comfortably around your upper arm in ribbing. Work two inches. Pick a stitch pattern you like and work as much sleeve as you want. It doesn’t matter whether you work in thr round or flat. If you work in the round, stop when you get the sleeve length you want.
Increase enough to make the top to bottom measurement. Keep about five stitches of garter on either side once you start working flat. Make the length for the side to side measurement. Decrease to the original number of stitches, work any sleeve length you put on the other side, work two inches of ribbing and cast off. If you worked it all flat, sew the ribbing and any extra you want at each side.

thank you
that is what i need exact
thank you:muah: