Reconstructing a sweater pattern and turning it into a blank

Okay this will either be very obvious for someone else or you will find this just as difficult as I do. I have a pattern for a sweater that I want to turn into a blanket. I actually want to take a couple of the designs in the sweater and use them as borders for a baby blanket. I cannot find the pattern for the blanket I want to make so I decided that the beautiful Lace pattern and smocked panel in this sweater would be great as borders if only I can figure out how to calculate to get the measurements I will need for the blanket. Okay for the sweater the pattern is calling for me to cast on (87-91) (95-103-107)sts. I figured if I wanted my sweater to have more length than the front of this sweater however, I would need to increase the cast on stiches, how to do that I don’t know, but I guessed it would be safe to double the 87 to 174 and get nice length that way as well. But instead of guessing. I am sure there is some sure fire way to do this using math, but I surely do suck at that. If anyone knows how to do this that would be great.

I guess it would depend how many stitches wide each individual panel is?? And are there ‘filler’ stitches in between the different panels? For instance, maybe you’d have a lace panel, then some stockinette, then the smocked panel, stockinette, and lace panel on the other side. If something like that is the case, it could be a simple matter of increasing the filler stitches to achieve the width you want.

Okay, I am so slow because it is so late, but I don’t understand, all I really want to do is take the cast on requirements for the sweater and add enough additional cast on stitches to get a much larger surface, obviously the width of a sweater would in most cases not suffice as a baby blanket, so for example if the cast on requirement for the sweater were 87 (for a small), I would think that would not be enough to get a decent size baby blanket so I would want to probably double that, so I did and I am still working on it to see if it would make since. I was thinking during my initial post that I would need to do some division to make sure I have just the right amount of stitches so as to not muck up the pattern, obviously with knitting there is some math involved. You can’t just take a pattern and just cast on how ever many stitches you want and expect to get the desired effect. Am I right. Okay, thanks for your help. I figure if no one can help or even understand my question I will just keep trying.

Hey, thats part of what knitting is about right? , this is great for my knitting muscles.

I’m sorry that I’m not understanding your question properly. Good luck with what you’re trying and let us know how it turns out. There really is no sure fire, universal formula to figuring these things out because each stitch pattern is so different. Trial and error is a good way, also you might want to try using some graph paper to sketch thing out and see if that would help you visualize what you are wanting to achieve.

Does the pattern for the sweater have a place that says something to the effect "Pattern repeat X stitches + Y?

That’s what you use to calculate how many stitches to cast on for the pattern to work out. So if the Pattern repeat is 5 + 2, for example, you cast on any multiple of 5 and then add 2 stitches to the end.

Is this what you meant?

Thanks, Ingrid and yes you understood my question perfectly. That is exactly what is missing in the pattern, the break down of the multiples. (if that makes any since). The part where it says 8 stiches + 7 or whatever the break down is so you can adapt the stich pattern to whatever you want be it a scarf or a baby blanket just by doing simple math.

I think I may have figured this one out just by guessing, but only time and results will tell.

Thx again Ingrid!