Recommended Sealer for painted yarn


I have been crocheting amigurumi creatures and I would love to be able to paint on them with dry pastels. What sealer can I use on my yarn?
Thank you in advance!


Then only painted yarn that I have read about was yarn dyed in a repeating pattern.

Now it all depends on what type of yarn you are using.

There may be an alternative if you are using natural fiber yarns like wool and cotton. I have read about using the colors of cool-aid powder to dye yarn.


Thank you, OffJumpsJack!
There are artists who will put like a dry pastel on their knitted creatures and some will spray with a pastel fixative. But I was hoping to find something specific to yarn.
Dying yarn wouldnt be detailed enough for what I am looking for. But thank you!


OffJumpsJack, I clearly should have watched the entire video! I love the idea of possibly mixing food color and vinegar together to make a palette of colors…
I wonder if I could mix that with regular acrylic paints…and heat…hmmmmm.
THANK YOU AGAIN! I think this is very useful!!!