Recommendations for sparkly yarn

I have been asked to knit a shrug for the daughter of my good friend who is making her 1st Holy Communion. Would anybody please have a recommendation for a yarn that has a slight sparkle through it?

Thanks, Irishmam

What weight yarn are you thinking of?

Hmm probably going quite delicate with a worsted weight or maybe an aran?

It doesn’t come in too many colours, but it is reasonably priced, light with a slight sparkle to it!

I used Dream In Color Starry for a Traveling Woman Shawl and LOVEEEEED it! It has actual silver spun throughout the yarn so it’s got that nice sparkle but it’s no too obnoxious.

Ooops didn’t see that you were looking for a thicker yarn… I believe the DIC Starry is fingering weight.

Evan that is cool. Don’t mind me and the yarn weights - I struggle to ‘translate’ into American!

I have a Knitting 2010 calendar - a box of daily patterns. After reading your post I kept trying to remember where I saw a yarn like this and found it today. There is a “Hollywood Scarf”, April 12, done in Tilli Tomas Mogul Beaded Wool Yarn, a “100% Austrailian wool worsted weight yarn embellished with glass beads”. 80 yards per 100g. Looks like it would be a great choice - don’t know where you would find it though.

I like Berroco Metallic FX it comes in several shades you might like. Also, there are several other Berroco yarns you can add in with your main yarn. They are very fine, as not to add too much bulk.

My friend came over and chose the pattern on Friday and we looked at some yarns online. Mostly because of availability, and the fact it needed to be pure white to match a dress, we went with the Berrocco. Thank you for all your help