Recommendations for a book

I would like to buy a book about different stitches, their names, so I can make squares of different designs. What would be a good book? If I am making any sense. I have just started knitting again and would love a book that had like moss stitch and would exlpain how to do it.

I got this book in a stash that was donated to me…

It starts off VERY basic, and then goes from there, on to cabling and such. I like that it allows for all the strechieness (is that a word) of the different stitches, so it tells you how many to cast on, and all the squares will be the same.

The title of the book is

Barbara Walker’s Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book
isbn 0684136813

NO idea if it’s even in print still

I have a website and a book. The website is:

Also, I have a book called The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Compton that has great stitch patterns in it to try.

I have been looking for such a book as well. As much as I would love to have all of Barbara Walker’s Treasuries (link goes to Vol. 1), $30 a pop for each volume (and there are several) is just too steep. I finally went ahead and bought The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches. It came in the mail this morning.

The book is about half knit and half crochet – maybe the second half will inspire me to pick up a hook for something other than correcting mistakes. :wink: The stitch patterns are apparently compiled from The Harmony Guides, another multi-volume offering. They don’t include every stitch pattern from the Guides, but there is a decent selection. I like that the photos are in color, but I wish the individual patterns included comments as the Walker books do. Oh, and in case this is important to you… the book doesn’t include charts, only written instructions. But the same is the case with the early Walker volumes as well.

Other knitting stitch books include the Vogue Stitchionaries (another series), Mon Tricot (these will be vintage), and some that aren’t coming to mind at the moment. There are specialized ones too – for cables or lace, for example. I think in terms of value for money, the one I chose is pretty good. One day I’d like to get the Walker books, but they are really difficult to find inexpensively as even used copies command close to retail prices.

BTW, many general knitting books include modest stitch libraries as well.

The thing that I like about this book I mentioned above vs. just regular stitch “dictionaries” is that each pattern has different give, and to achieve the same square size, modifications need to be made to make as far as how many stitches to cast on, and how many rows to do. This takes that thinking part out of the equation, which I’m VERY thankful. Now, if I want to make a blankie/sweater/something with a pattern, I like my perpetual calendar. :slight_smile:

The Harmony Guides to Knitting Stitches are very good stitch dictionaries at a reasonable price. The thing is you really can’t beat Barbara Walker’s books. $30 is a lot of money but they are worth every penny. But if your budget doesn’t allow for that I would suggest the Harmony Guides. You can find them in stores and also on Amazon. They run about $12 a piece. The first volume is a how-to guide to knitting so you want to start with vol. 2 which has 450 different stitches in it.

I agree that $30 is not a lot but multiply that by 4 and well, just think of all the yarn that could buy! …and I’m a completist so yes, I’d need all of them, not to mention her others! :teehee: So do you think that all of the Harmony Guides are worthwhile? I bought the Ultimate Sourcebook (published by Harmony in the UK & Reader’s Digest in the US) with the presumption that it contained the choicest selections from the Guides. (I also like that it’s hard cover.) I still feel that I need more, more, MORE stitch patterns, though!

I know you said book, not calendar, but I love my 365 Knitting Stitches A Year calendar.

for the replies, I am seriously thinking of popping for the Barbara Walker, they are offering free shipping and I could get two at a time. But I am looking at the others recommended too.

Thanks again.

I love Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book