Recommendation for scarf pattern knit sideways?

Hi everyone,

I bought some beautiful Manos del Uruguay yarn in a variegated colorway called “Wildflower” intending to make the scrunchable scarf with it. Because of the thick/thin nature of this yarn and the fact that there are no dye lots, the tag recommended alternating a different skein every two rows while knitting. I didn’t listen because I didn’t think the difference would be that noticeable from skein to skein, and since I didn’t want to weave in all those ends or carry it up the sides on a scarf. But sure enough when I got to the end of one ball and started another, the difference from one skein to the next was VERY obvious and looked pretty bad. :wall:

I still want to make a scarf with this yarn, and I’m wondering if a pattern knit sideways instead of the usual way would help minimize the problem. Can anyone recommend a scarf pattern knit this way? I didn’t have much luck searching online.

Thanks for your help! :hug:

there is one of cant find it right now. look under knitty gritty.

There are a good bit of scarf patterns here.

ahh, here it is:,2025,DIY_14141_3520116,00.html

Check [color=darkred]here[/color]


manos is one of my favorite yarns. this pattern isnt sideways, but i think it shows off the beauty of the yarn.