Recommend your shoes?

My favorite shoes of all time are no longer wearable. I attempted to have them resoled, but b/c it is a molded sole, it didn’t work. I have worn them everyday for the 3 yrs. The leather upper was in fine shape (other than the puppy chewing the heel) so I am not happy. They were Dansko Folly in green/yellow. I’ve called Dansko and the lady’s response to my request in finding another pair of these shoes was “Ma’m that’s WAY discontinued.” They don’t make any lace-up oxfords anymore, nor are they doing that molded sole. I am picky about shoes b/c I am on my feet all day in the hosp. I am not a huge fan of black or brown shoes b/c I have to wear khakis and blue polo everyday so colorful shoes and socks are my outlet. I don’t do well in shoes with no back or the Dansko professional clog - I have a long narrow foot and walk right out of them.

Help Please - my feet are killing me after a week without my shoes !!!

New Balance 845’s - great shoe, and they also donate to the Susan G Komen Foundation. I LOVE them, and so do people I’ve recommended them to.

I would recommend anything by Easy Spirit. They come in widths and are very affordable.

I just bought a pair of Sketchers. They are called Shape Ups. Wonderful for walking and being on your feet. They are wonderful, but not cheap.

I have long, narrow, flat, arthritic feet and I like to walk.
These miserable feet are happy in Keen shoes, which I order from (free shipping in both directions), and some Earth shoes, which come in a surprising range of colors and style. Both brands come only in medium widths, but with socks, especially handknit socks, they are fine. I’ve got some New Balance walkers in narrow width. They are nice and snug in the back and forefoot, but the toes pinch and for some reason they feel very hot.

I second the Skecher Shape Up’s. I wear a size 10 and have narrow feet. These shoes rock! You can order them from Zappo’s.

I too love New Balance shoes, but last year I was able to get a pair of Nike at a local Burlington Shoe Outlet for quite a reasonable price. Unfortunately, they came unglued at the toe, so I called Nike to see what they would recommend for regluing them. Nicely, they told me that most Nike shoes carry a 2 year warranty! My shoes are now heading back to them for inspection, and if they determine that the ungluing was a manufacturer defect I’ll get a brand new pair of Nike shoes free of charge!

For those that would like to know whether their Nike shoes have that same 2 year warranty, it’s simple. Look inside at the tag that has the shoe size…if you see two dates at the bottom corners of that tag, that shoe has the warranty. :^) Look at the right side date, and if the current date is within 2 years of that date then it’s still under warranty for manufacturer defects.

Debra in NC

I third the Skechers. I am on my feet alot on uneven ground and live on a hillside. Besides their website http://;jsessionid=42tCU-5lUHiGpm6UKvlq8A**** you can also find some models at Sears and Pennys. They do make shoes for industrial work as well. I have problems with plantars fasciatis and falling arches and find them quite comfortable.

the ones I wear are Birkenstock clogs and I wore them when I worked in the hospital also they are really comfortable, sadly these have become the only shoes I can wear because of a bunion I have starting to really pinch my feet so I’m not sure what I am going to do about a wedding I have to attend in December…errr!! can I get Birkenstocks with bling??

Thank you for all your suggestions. I dragged the hubby out searching with me today and here’s what I found…

I didn’t know they made anything other than sandals ! Sure enough one of the stores we went to today had a lace up version that comes in a lot of colors. The store only carried up to a 10 and it was too small so I may get on Zappos and order a couple of pairs to try at home.

Dansko professional clogs come in NARROW (who knew)!! This makes them a real possibility for me. The store only had brown in narrow, so again, I will have to get on Zappos and order a colorful pair to try out for an hour or two in the house and see how my legs feel.
Maybe I’ll splurge and own 2 pair of work shoes !!
Clarks store didn’t stock any size 11’s and the 10 was too small. Overall the pair of 10’s I tried on didn’t feel like they had a lot of support.

I’ve never tried Sketcher’s so I will have to look at them. As for New Balance, they are great shoes and I recommend them to a lot patients with wide/pronated feet. Personally, never had pair I was comfortable in - for sneakers I stick with Addidas.

When you’re on Zappos, be sure to check out some Naots, too! They have some great colors, and some styles are narrow (you may need to visit Naot’s site to know which style, but when you view the shoe on Zappos, it will tell you then too).

You may not like Birkenstock shoes, if you have a narrow foot, as the “regular” width of Birks is a mens width, not a woman’s, and for most people, that feels wide (good for me and my wide feet, not so much if you’re less than a C width). A “regular” woman’s shoe in Naots is a B, like “most” shoes, and then some fit narrower than that.

Have fun shopping!

Is this the pair you had??

Demonica - that is in fact my favorite shoe of all time !! :yay: I have the green/yellow and it was also made in pink/purple, and shades of brown and black. I too found that pair on the web, but that website has a horrid rating with the BBB so I am not going to risk sending them that kind of money. I started the checkout process and they had a “clearance” charge and I didn’t seem to qualify for free shipping so this pair was going to cost more than the previous pair and looking on the web there are lots of people who never got the shoes they ordered.
Thanks for looking though !!

I love my Ecco shoes, not sure if they are expensive in the US, they are a bit expensive here but I’ve had a pair for 2 years and I’ve just kicked through the toe on one. I have plantar fasciitis and they are really comfy

Ecco, New Balance, Dansko, and Merrells are my favorites but I also have a wide foot. New balance is now doing a professional line of shoes, too.

Happy shoe hunting!

my feet are widish at the front but narrow at the back so a lot of shoes flap around the heels on me, but the Ecco ones I have are nice and tight, I also find Spanish shoes seem to fit me better for some reason

While you’re shopping look at Earth Shoes, you may have to search for a store in your area because they are not carried by lots of people, but I LOVE them.

Oh man, that really bites! A clearance charge?? That’s insane!

One of my friend has super narrow feet (wears the “Slim” width) and has had some luck with SAS shoes. Zappos doesn’t carry them, but you can find stores here: You can try outlet malls, too. Their shoes are known for being good for people in occupations which have them on their feet a lot (like nursing, for example).

I have LOT’s of foot problems, really like this site, and you can find somethings on sale. For my problems, they are better than Zappos, which I also like a lot. Shipping is free over $75.00. Since I only buy a pair or two a year, the prices don’t seem so high to me.