Recommend size needles please

I’m knitting a babies blanket using 2 strands of baby yarn. What would be a good size needle to use? I, for some reason do not have the band that was around the yarn when purchased.

That’s hard to answer because people don’t all knit alike and not all baby yarn is the same. I’d try a size 8 and see whether you like the way a few rows look.

Thank you. I will try !!

I would just add that those test rows might want to be fewer stitches than the full baby blanket, since that’s a lot of stitches to do a test swatch on! :wink: Ten stitches wide should be plenty for the purpose.

Also, you can twist the two strands together and compare with other yarn you have, in terms of thickness. If you find a similar thickness, see what that yarn label recommends. Then, it’s still is worth doing that little test swatch. If the fabric feels stiff and firm, go with a bigger needle. If it is lacey and loose, a smaller one. This sample will also give you a good sense of the number of stitches to cast on, for your preferred blanket size.